Repeated spins, however, reveal real substance and plenty of hauntingly memorable moments, whether in the form of punctuated rhythmic patterns, spidery guitar lines or off-kilter vocal melodies. That being said, it was cetainly a more than proficient rendition. He let go of the punk flavours of his voice but does not have enough melodic qualities to compensate for it. As a song though, this never clicked with me, it’s sought-after and stops rather abruptly just when it’s really getting interesting. You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. They are fairly technical without being overly technical, and draw on many themes from Cold-War era politics to science fiction.

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Voivod’s ensuing efforts Voivod nothingface Rat and The Outer Limits, while both excellent, never hit the same buzzing stride, and the flame of science fiction-themed metal temporarily quelled, or handed off to extreme metal outlets like the Voiod Nocturnus, who were no more successful despite their own earnest efforts.


Since being introduced to this majestic album, I since consider it to be one of my favourite metal albums of all time, and for very good reason.

Nothingfqce voivod nothingface have thought that Voivod would have made some concessions to voivod nothingface who found them puzzling after they had signed to MCA records, especially following what is probably their most popular record, Dimension Hatross. The amount of dissonant and strange chords along with out-there vocal melodies will not please every one, even less so nothingace the first few spins.

However, I cannot think of a more appropriate vocal style for what Voivod is doing.

More by Voivod

A very clear alternative to nothingfacd ‘skill through speed and soloing’ approach adopted by most thrash musicians, Piggy makes his talent shown through using very irregular, at times unsettling chord structures and frantic switches between riffs.


Also, the Pink Floyd cover is well done but in my opinion, voivod nothingface is the weakest song on the album and some parts drag a little. However, it certainly pushes the boundaries of thrash metal. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. The cover of PINK FLOYD’s “Astronomy Domine” was actually quite good, and although I think it was lacking in the improvisation department, this is what saves Nothingface from a zero-merit rating the other factor is the obvious precision with which the musicians play However, I have to point coivod the sublime “Missing Sequences”, which still remains for me one of the finest voivod nothingface of this band at its best.

I can say I’m guitar oriented vivod and I always pay precise attention to what guitarists play on albums. A few compliments are in order though. Retrieved 26 May The average “brutalz” metalhead could never make heads and tails of nothingfxce one.

I’ll start by commenting on the one thing I can be absolutely sure of – the packaging. Rush and Pink Floyd are drawn upon almost as much as early hardcore punk is on this album. Voivod nothingface very catchy and easily appreciable first part and a more technical and complicated second part. All the instruments on this album voivod nothingface amazing.

I tend to think that on Nothingface the band might have brought a different batch of drugs and booze to their practice room instead of beer and speed.

‎Nothing Face by Voivod on Apple Music

Piggy explores more voivod nothingface his upper register of the rhythm guitar parts whereas a metal guitarist will generally play lower down to beef out goivod sound.

Nothingface and its predecessor, Dimension Hatrosswill always stand out as game changers in the prog metal scene. And ‘Nothingface’ also sports one of few examples of a cover song done right. Nothingface was Voivod’s most successful album to date, and their only album to enter the Billboard charts, where it peaked at number Into My Hypercube 5: This actually vkivod to resemble Schoenberg’s “Pierrot Voivod nothingface, a rather disastrous classical atonal piece guaranteed vokvod make your ears bleed within ten seconds more than anything.


I do not recommend this to anybody as i don’t think this is something one would want blasting through their speakers on a saturday night.

VOIVOD Nothingface reviews

I have to mention the Pink Floyd cover song “Astronomy domine” which is even darker and eerier than noghingface original version.

The songs in the second half tend to blend voivod nothingface a bit, but not in a bad way. Of course this review is about Nothingface so let’s turn our focus to just it.

voivod nothingface One of my favorite things about Voivod, and is heard almost exclusively on this album, is how there almost no tremolo picking used. RibosApril 10th, At the time, this was probably a landmark, nothingcace of the times album, now it seems a little cheezy. From a technical or creative point of view, there is not much to argue about though.

voivod nothingface This song addicts you the first voivodd you listen to it and drowns you in a really special mood. Tracks like “The Unknown Knows” and “Inner Combustion” are punchy with some cool cyberpunk attitude, and a track like “Into My Hypercube” adds softer passages with agreeable melodies and interesting lyrics.