The price is also quite reasonable. I didn’t like the “us versus them” mentality of the 6th sensory vs 5th sensory commentary. I own a couple of this author’s books that I have sincerely enjoyed. It’s a guide, and this book is an excellent way to begin opening to the wonder of life already around us. My Reiki friend really likes Doreen Virtue’s various angel decks but I didn’t feel drawn to any of them, as much as I like Doreen.

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A good introductory guide to intuition development. That’s all it takes, not a weird magic spell.

She maintains a healthy life, attitude sonka energy level while getting a whole lot of stuff done. It may not go as in depth as others might, but it is enough to get the overall meaning and logistics of it.

So read, expand and enjoy living the vibfs sensory life! Also, a few reminders for myself. Beyond her nice, easy writing style, probably encouraged by Julia Cameron who has mentored or advised Sonia, I look up to her as a psychic who I wish to emulate.

Trust Your Vibes: Secret Tools for Six-Sensory Living by Sonia Choquette

I am completely convinced we can all do it, especially now that I’ve read this. I read the first 76 pages in entirety, then read the first page of each additional chapter and skimmed additional parts of interest. I have to say that I really enjoyed this book of common sense!


Real life stories contained in each chapter are used by the author to illustrate trust your vibes sonia choquette people have used these spnia, and the results people have received from either following the guidance or dismissing it. Truly Inspirational This is a truly amazing and inspirational book.

Pretty much glad this was a library book. Choquette also recommends keeping two personal journals–one for home use, and one for when you’re on the road Certain references to choquete and other beings did not go with me well, but in principle what this book offers towards overcoming the mind chatter, ego struggles and surrendering to calm wisdom from feeling self, others and environment is simply marvelous.

Jul 15, Deborah Dempsey rated it really liked it. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Then I spread them out, face down and pick the one card that I feel most drawn to.

Quotes from Trust Your Choqeutte I finally chose this deck because they line up with my desire to become more attuned to my own psychic senses and I’ve been completely happy with them. I understand she wanted cgoquette explain why being sixth sensory is so truet, but it felt too divisive. This type of practice basically a spell backfires you. Great tips, trust your vibes sonia choquette and tricks for living outside of your ego and head, and residing in your heart and your instincts.


Trust Your Vibes : Secret Tools for Six-Sensory Living

I admire her and look to her as an example of an intuitive who works with love, light and confidence. In modeling yourself after sixth-sensory people, you too can activate your own intuitive channel. I liked this book and the easy to read, informative style.

Lists with This Book. Tully taught me that breathing deeply and regularly is not only the key to remaining calm, but also instantly connects us to a higher vibration. Jul 22, Heidi Sams smith rated it it was amazing. Most people refer more to it as their intuition, or gut feeling for those who don’t really understand.

Book ratings by Goodreads. Want to Read saving…. Looking for beautiful trust your vibes sonia choquette

Trust Your Vibes : Sonia Choquette :

Basically, during the trip I didn’t have a template dictating my choices or decisions. The 33 weekly activities aim to stimulate and bring into focus your intuitive self and allow the reader to explore living the six sensory way. Do read if you wish to glide through life.

Beautiful tips on how to trust and follow your inner guidance.