Some people also like to sprint around the inner rim of the circle, while others prefer rolling along the ground like a log. Thursday 5 September Wednesday 4 September Kazu Katachi Chie , Tottoko Hamtarou: Penlights and UOs, which are a core staple of concerts, are notably not as popular at anikura events, which again, aids in the ability to perform freehanded maneuvers.

tottoko no uta

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Monday 22 April See the clip below at around 0: Do you know any background info about this track?

Saturday 22 June Wednesday 4 September Best Hit Ham-chan’zu Music Clip. An anikura event aggregator: Tottoko no Uta by Hamuchanzu Hamtaro.

Sunday 23 June View all trending tracks. Wednesday 11 September Thursday 27 June One occasionally seen variation is to perform the human train in the lead up to the chorus, then stop and simply thunder snake during the chorus.


tottoko no uta

To illustrate this, the romanized lyrics of the first chrous of fly away t. Friday 13 September In venues where there is limited space, people may dash the length of the room, then turn around and dash back and repeat until the end of the chorus.

tottoko no uta

Sunday 14 July Tuesday 11 June Aroundanisong began to gain traction in the Para Para scene with a surge in dance routines to eurobeat remixes of popular anisong tracks, known as Ani Para. Friday 5 April Monday 26 August Friday 6 September Sunday 2 June The key difference between preceding trends such as Tottoki Para is that Anikura shifted the focus away from the choreography and dance moves of the audience and towards the handiwork of the DJ and VDJ on stage.

Events can be organized by geographical region: Our highlights from Reading Festivalfrom bo and roll to getting rickrolled Fest.

Thursday 11 April Friday 19 April Wednesday 25 September Wednesday 17 July Tuesday 17 September Saturday 6 July Our Top 5 Best and Worst American Anime Openings Over the years we’ve seen a number of anime brought to America and slapped with a new opening; but just how good or bad were they?


Outside Lands takes live music to a higher level Fest. Hiragana TankenTottoko Hamtarou: Monday 2 September