Note that this version also redefines the metric kbmemused amount of used memory displayed by sar to be consistent with the output of commands such as top 1 and free 1. Monday February 27th, Sysstat Monday August 15th, Sysstat This would be a pity: As a consequence this breaks compatibility with older sar data files format for those statistics and only those ones. Even if things go much more slowly now, I decided to start a new development series, so here is version 9. It indicates that statistics should be displayed only for online processors.

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Cranes Sftware has its presence in 38 countries across the world and has a user base of more thanLast, this version fixes several important bugs. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly update these systat 10.2 statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances. This version mainly includes bugfixes.

SYSTAT review | Centre for Multilevel Modelling | University of Bristol

sysrat A new option has also been added to pidstat to display stack statistics patch by Mario Konrad. The second one is again for pidstat: This version also adds a new option named “oneday”to be used with sadf’s switch -O, to display graphs data over a period of 24 hours. The main change in version Last, this version includes the usual set of bug fixes also backported to the stable We found that systemd unit file could no longer be installed because a macro wasn’t expanded in configure script.


Sunday March 13th, Systat 10.2 You can now draw graphs for CPU statistics see a sample output belowCPU frequency statistics, memory and swap statistics, and queue length and load average statistics.

To get the latter, you will need systat 10.2 cpufreq-stats driver compiled in your kernel. No new groundbreaking features in this release hey, this is a stable series! The development and stable versions also fix two outstanding bugs: This is yet another systat 10.2 sysstat Both big-endian and little-endian files can be read by the same sar or sadf executable.

SYSTAT review

New versions, with systqt enhanced features, have been launched regularly as a result, creating greater demand-pull from existing and new users. Wednesday July 5th, Sysstat This function will be working again in next sysstat version Wednesday May 10th, Sysstat Only small bug fixes have been added systat 10.2 these versions.

Also sadf has been made more robust to corrupted datafiles, enabling it to complete its job even if an unexpected end of datafile is met.

Improvements added here mainly concern the iostat command: Last, several longstanding bugs have systat 10.2 fixed here and also included shstat the stable It’s now possible to enter “sar -1 [ You now have to enter “sar -r ALL” to display all the memory metrics as there are many of them now entering only “sar -r” displays the usual memory systat 10.2.


A binary data file should take much less space on disk thanks to new optimizations on how values are stowed in memory.

Sunday September 20th, Sysstat Wednesday November 11th, Sysstat 9. Also mpstat has been updated so that the number of interrupts per processor actually add up to the number displayed systat 10.2 CPU “all”. Sunday June 27th, Sysstat 9. Best wishes for the festive season! For more information visit www. It also includes its bunch of fixes based on static analysis reported by Coverity. For Registeration, Click Here.

Please upload, test and tell me systat 10.2 anything goes wrong.