On top of that, his mother disappeared when he was still in middle school. Well Hideshima-san, take care. Like I said, if this is all you can do, then draw things that will sell! Uhm, is there something on my face? Ah, thanks for your help yesterday. You’ve got me curious about Fukigen de Amai Tsumeato and Aozora no Kimochi love jealous semes too so I’m going to listen to them first!

shinayakana netsujou drama cd

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Shinayakana Netsujou Series (BLCD)

I can’t move my hand. Well, it’s got nothing to do with me. What are you doing? For me, he’s just like son. Let go of my hand Really, it just makes me happy.

And does anyone have a rope, or even tape!? I just want to draw!

Nothing, just that I don’t have a clean past. My drawings were of the abstract genre.

Whatyaoicuddo2u -shuusetsu, しなやかな熱情 Shinayakana Netsujou

You have excellent taste in BLCDs! I won’t think that way, so don’t cry. But you know, I don’t want to give up.


shinayakana netsujou drama cd

I was a huge fan a couple years ago and Synapse No Hitsugi, Decoy, Deadlock, Koushounin and Shiawase ni Dekiru series were one of the best ones around at that time in my opinion.

It’s okay to fall once. If he really wishes for it, I’d graciously cut off my fingers anytime.

shinayakana netsujou drama cd

Thanks for the translation, I’m looking forward to the conclusion. You are commenting using your Facebook account. So just forget about it when you’re back in Tokyo.

Drama CD Translations

So this is what’s bothering you? Besides, what I want to say, should be said to Omi who isn’t present. Just the breath of this person who is filled with drxma is so radiant, that it blinding. You didn’t hate it right?

Ah, I also have to go to the city hall to submit my change of address.

It is his day off afterall, so I’m sorry about that. If you deny me of that, I’d have lost everything. I’ll do it without making a mess. I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve given you. Hah, is that sarcasm?


shinayakana netsujou drama cd

shimayakana Hideshima-san, what is the size of your shoes? You’re a good runner, and even defeated me. Hideshima-sama, there is a guest looking for you. Overall, Sarasara was a great addition to the series. Your muscles are just in shock so Thank you very much, as always, for all of your efforts and hard work put into doing these translations to share with us.