We have introduced lots of features, including a mechanism to address the issue you have highlighted. It only takes a minute to sign up. Please contact us if you have any questions and share your comments below. Documentation Find out how this app works. In previous versions when the Salesforce connector performed a reconnection, HttpClient objects were leaking. Choose the version you would like to use.

sforce connector

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Fixed in This Release Fixed an error where session expiration would not be handled correctly even with a reconnection strategy set, in operations that returned a SalesforcePagingDelegate query, queryall. Select the version you would like to use. Restart Studio when prompted.

Click that popup and check for available updates. When querying for attachments, the body is now properly returned as a byte array, rather than Base Does it appear after sforcd action or only sometimes?

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sforce connector

More blogs coming soon! Hi Leon, Thank you for your feedback. In current version besides throwing an exception a notification is fired. You can stay in touch with him through Twitter.

And I’m happy you decided to come back to this question with the info about solution, a new tool I need to check out: Learn more about community and open source licenses. There is also a little one stop script that installs both for wforce here: For example, for this use case: I do need it, but my only concern aforce the safety issue. Now all 2xx HTTP status code responses are treated as success.

To learn more about security for Connector for Salesforce.

Omatic Cloud Connector for Salesforce – Omatic Software

Fixed in this Release Fixed how the way query results are returned. Sign up using Facebook. I hope this helps. Or maybe you got logged out? Follow RSS feed Like. Check out our implementation services here.

As eyescream says, you seem to have your versions all wrong Added support cobnector find duplicates API core call. Invoke Apex Rest method: The connector now generates the base URL from the endpoint configured by the client so that no problems arise when using a URL redirection service. This is a major version change, hence the connector might break backward compatibility for some existing flows.


The power of the Salesforce Sales Cloud Connector in Open Connectors

There was a leak when the Salesforce connector performed a reconnection. Want to know how DoubleDutch delivers exceptional service using the connector? Or sforcr fill in the cells yourself in this format and then click “Query”.

sforce connector

Our connector allows your users on both sites to easily communicate via comment synchronization and even filter the communication. You can upgrade the tier of your Atlassian product and app licenses at any time.

In the description it states ” Teams can communicate and work together.