Regular and Bold tyepfaces covering pan-European languages: Legible in print at tiny point sizes so ideal for captions. Don’t forget to look at the how to guide. Sassoon Book family alternatives. Sassoon Joiner family – Nordic Set. This site uses cookies.

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Thank you, Adrian Williams. Sassoon Infant Line for handwriters to ‘copy’ what they see on the line. Sassoon Infant family alternatives. Many other uses have been found for these legible and friendly letters. Your name or email address: BrainJimMay sassoon primary infant font, Regular font can be used for text or larger display panels. MszJul 14, Don’t forget to look at the how to guide. Sassoon Write family alternatives. Sassoon Joiner family – English Set. Avoid eyestrain with a typeface that accentuates word shape as well as the identity of individual letters.

The slight slant makes blocks of text easier to read. These four fonts provide the basic requirements for teaching both reading and pre-cursive handwriting. Sassoon Sans family alternatives. Sassoon Infant Dotted B for handwriting beginners to ‘track’ over letters. An elegant sloping sans serif typeface with generous ascenders and descenders,retaining legibility down to small sizes.


Sassoon primary infant font – free download?

A gentle introduction for young readers to seriffed letterforms they will encounter. Thing is, sassoon is designed to be bought by a school for all staff to use. We have never offered free fonts. As professionally researched, developed and designed fonts over many years, we rightly deserve our rewards.

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Sassoon Joiner family – Nordic Set. So, the Line baseline font can be displayed and underneath, an empty baseline for the words to be copied.

Sassoon Fe t’s more casual letterforms can be used either as informal text or for the teaching of reading and handwriting; having the letterforms most taught in UK schools. Legible in print at tiny point sizes so ideal for captions. Sassoon Book family Semi-Serif Roman and Italic for typefaces for setting legible sassooh reading books. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.


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SassoonMasterApr 11, Many alternative letters are included in each font. Sassoon Book family alternatives. Just search for ‘sassoon font’ in any search engine.

Infajt site uses cookies. Teachers can print desk strips, charts of letter families and alphabet friezes, as well as consistent material across the curriculum. Designed for older pupils and adults. Sassoon Sans family A more mature font retaining the clarity of the Sassoon typefaces that accentuate word shape, while omitting the exit strokes.