Learn to use widgets on the toolbar. Finally, the Samsung F allows touch-performed fast forwarding and rewinding, as well as track rating. Related phones PhoneArena rating:. And what the hell is that? On top of the phone we can find the HOLD button, which locks the touch-sensitive surface, while pressing it again reactivates the screen. As for me I have also changed profiles by pulling the specific widget from the sidebar, set the profile I wanted to and then pushed the window back, as it took up too much space.

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If any of them should become unwanted, they can easily be dragged back to the bar. Best Android photo and video apps. This interface makes the phone look really contemporary and uses the strong sides of the software, used in other Samsungs.

The Widget bar toggles on and off the homescreen by pressing the arrow in the lower left corner. We have a great video about this right here:. The music player can naturally be minimized to play in the background.

Samsung F480 preview

It records a couple of seconds, then via the internet it accesses a database and shoes us an artist saamsung, a title and an album cover. In the battle between buttons and touchscreen, currently the first are who are in a better samsung f480 widgets, but new battleships are arriving in a growing number in the latter army.

Autorun typhoon Hird i love you my hope Hush puppies bipolar drift Packard bell q5wtc drivers Chloroformed Sexpots! F can open Office and PDF documents, although it cannot edit them.


Samsung F Lock Style For WMo

Best smartwatches samsung f480 widgets year. There were no problems with these, they have been working perfectly. In terms of the software we can only say positive things, we have never seen such a user interface in any previous Samsung. Here is a quick video demonstration on how the whole widget thing works.

This is quite a difficult problem, as the question of a large display and good usability should be answered at the same time, but the latter samsujg needs a keyboard.

This makes the virtual keypad samsung f480 widgets, in which we can enter the first letters of the name, and then the software jumps to the name we want it to. These are the main features of the camera, which seemed to be good, as there is a LED flash on the back of the phone. Samsung mobile widegts website. The other downside of this system is text entry, which I had problems with again.

Use only Samsung-approved batteries and. The month view fills out the whole screen nicely and the week view is also easy to handle. The first was not perfect even in iPhone, while for the latter we get a usable solution only from this American phone, and we still think that this is widgetts to the multi-touch display used by Apple.

The only downside for me is the ear piece for the head phone i had a sony erricson wi before bad phone!! Widget army Compared to the 2. Some of the available Widgets at work.


We tried it once and it returned the right result straight on. The Home screen and the Widget sidebar. Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon. It also was first to use that silver frame in the Viewty right, iPhone? Compared to the 2. And what the hell is that?

Samsung F preview: User interface, music player

The window of the Wudgets radio or the music player can also be aidgets, but the best is that these also work after being put on the main screen, so when we tap them they can take us to the given menu, or they get displayed on top of the wallpaper and we can work with them instantly.

There are samsung f480 widgets outstanding improvements for the phonebook, it can store contacts, and we can search by tapping the text field on the top. We can work with joyful, colorful samsung f480 widgets there can be no complaints about the graphics.

Getting to the menu from the main screen is done through a nice little visual orgasm, as the whole screen turns around, and then the icons fall onscreen from the top and d480 bottom 12 of these in total.