We released rfDynHUD today. So, so customisable — absolutely brilliant tool — the best tool for rF ever! Pretty simple to do it when you can work on the base.. And how can I solve it? My only real issue is the presentation, but I assume this is a tool that others can now build apon to create a proper TV style appearance. Be it for new features, for problems, for styling, handling.

rfdynhud 2011 prunn

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rfdynhud 2011 prunn

JeepySep 20, Link to download rfdynhud which i use for the tv style in my f1 videos and the link for f1 widgets is above. Your email address will not be published. How do instructions change this?

rFactor F1 DRS and KERS Turkey Onboard Lap Eder Belone

Link to download F1 RMT v1. Please, what means this icon? It adds so much potential when you look at some of the new features youve created, such as the garage screens etc. Mclarenaustralia’s Workthread [ Lap Counter W. Gen2 Formula E Coming to rFactor 2 9 months ago. You must log in or sign up to reply here. You can also paint your own revmeter image or take one of those provided with the plugin. Here is the download link for the btcc track pack only uk tracks.



More On Your Favorite Sim: I will be uploading most of my mods that i have to megaupload so that you can download them. Then you can assign any font without affecting other widgets. Oct 5, Messages: I installed rfdynhud 1. Download to find out!! So please answer about the possibility to add ride height 201 this wonderfull tool.

Anything useful in the dynhud logfile?

You may also like. The link for the DTM mod is available below. I try click as Administrator and still not working, wtf? Do you already have an account?

CTDP releases rfDynHUD – CTDP Development Blog

My only real issue is the presentation, but I assume this is a tool that others can now build apon to create a proper TV style appearance. Share This Page Tweet. Got stumped by prunn’s image in: Team CTDP is celebrating their ninth birthday today and to honor the occasion, the team has released a present for everyone — Rfrynhud rfDynHud tool for rFactor.


Emmeloord – Flevoland GP Constructors: DASep 18, rfydnhud Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

rFDynHUD – F1 2011: KERS display problems

Adding ride height will require another widget. Some of us are not willing to trade the entire bit benefit for a plug-in, even if it is as great as this one. Thank you DA and Prunn it work well for me.

rfdynhud 2011 prunn

Tire wear, tire grip or both? User-Manual for F1