Meanwhile, as Declan is caught breaking into Kenny Ryan’s residence, Victoria holds a press conference to show that the Graysons are back and stronger than ever, going so far as to reveal the identity of Charlotte’s father and welcome “Amanda” into the family. Emily arranges a romantic dinner on a rooftop to accept Daniel’s marriage proposal, with two tickets to Paris. Jack plays secretly taped conversations in Conrad’s earpiece. Victoria’s mother, Marion, wants to have Thanksgiving with Victoria, Conrad, Daniel and her soon to be husband. As Emily tries to intercept Jack, Conrad is speaking to his supporters, surrounded by Daniel and Victoria. Victoria immediately fires Eli as foundation co-chair.

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Revenge recap: ‘Power’

Welcome to the Hamptons, a glittering world of incredible wealth and privilege, where smiles hide secrets—and nothing is colder than revenge. Jack continues to sink into depression as he finds out just how much he revenge s2e10 not know about Amanda’s past, as well as what Emily kept from him.

Revenge s2e10 had become a member of a private group of businesspeople who profited from these attacks, all for the sake of his own fortunes and family.

In return he will be the sole owner of his company again. Jack, who agrees to pretend to be dead for the time being, revenge s2e10 into the hospital in a stolen uniform without being noticed, and speaks with his brother.

Jack feels betrayed that she’s so close with the Graysons, who took Amanda’s life. Aiden makes a bold move that causes The Initiative to pull their investments from Grayson Global.


She rushes up the stairs to where he has the gun pointed at Conrad, who makes a point of praising Declan in his speech, using it as capital for his popularity. Conrad pays off Charlotte’s doctor to keep her in rehab, so he can access her inheritance money to save Grayson Global.

Reviews did improve as the season progressed. Jack steps up his revenge plan by sabotaging a small town hall event for Conrad, having a question about David Clarke asked. Padma confirms revenge s2e10 this is true. Nolan hires Marco back saying he will find a place for him. This page was last edited on 12 Julyat Emily, who disposed of the laptop herself, realizes revenge s2e10 a trap and rushes to Grayson Global to save Jack, knowing the bomb will go off when he arrives.

Eli threatens and intimidates Meredith into writing a confession, which he gives to Emily, revealing that the letters her father sent her were sold to Mason Treadwell. The Stowaway reopens, which brings the engagement of Jack and Amanda — as Declan and Charlotte rekindle their relationship. Nolan suffers the same fate as David Clarke: The feds don’t believe his claims of innocence because of his recorded friendship with Clarke, he learns the Falcon revenge s2e10 denied everything and claimed he was behind the blackout, and finally a video is shown of deceased Padma Lahari.

Doing this exposes the Falcon’s computer to be hacked by Nolan; he steals the Falcon’s information and he has the FBI arrest her for hacking.


Revenge Season 2 Episode 10 –

When the police go to the boat, they find the drugs the Ryan brothers had moved and planted there, along with a gun. Retrieved October 2, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Just tell revenge s2e10 already! Daniel gives the two bullets Victoria sent anonymously back to her so she knows he was on to her plan. She revenge s2e10 already disabled security cameras and has them blindfold themselves.

Emily continues to try to make amends with Jack but he’s resistant.

Revenge s2e10 holds Conrad and Victoria at gunpoint in their rooms. Aiden confronts Takeda about the whole vengeance plans and insinuates that Takeda d2e10 another reason to want Emily to continue with her revenge quest. She replies with a riddle which Nolan must solve. This revelation will hurt Conrad’s campaign, giving Ashley the chance she needs to start getting closer to Conrad while really working with Jack.

Together, they conspire to frame the white-haired man for her “abduction. Retrieved March 12, Nolan realizes he has been blamed for the Initiative’s actions, which was their plan from the reveenge. Declan revenge s2e10 the Ryan brothers are trafficking drugs.