A great song with a compelling build up. One of the neatest things about this band is their extremes– from the fat walls of heavy distorted chaos to delicate spacey interludes which indeed are reminiscent of more well-known post bands and everything in between. It kicks in heavier after 3 minutes then settles again. This “Massive Bereavement” is not for everybody. This album is opened up with the spacey, “I am the Morning”, which is one of my most loved Oceansize tracks. After that, the band is ready to knock us out, and strangely enough, without a single odd time!

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I also caught some nasty touches of emo-ness in You Efflorresce, but the rest of the song is strong enough to overcome it. And extra advice is that you most listen to it when you want to relax a bit, because the moody parts are touching and very melancholic so you can dive in and let you oceansize effloresce


Drowned in Sound’s Favourite Albums of the Year The last three tracks are a great conclusion to a great album and show off some passionate and emotional vocals that have a depressing Radiohead-esque feel to them. There’s a couple of keyboards here and there and the drums and bass efflorescs a decent work to put it all together and give an entertaining time while you will feel too mainstream for times but the instrumental parts will oceansize effloresce you oceansize effloresce you have a serious band here doing music in a very good musical way Reminds me of Trail of Fire of the Frames oceansize effloresce.

Other sites in the MAC network: During the last two years or so there have been only a few bands that really managed to impress me. I wish I hadn’t waited so long. Oceansize definetly have potential to become efvloresce much more well known and loved band if their next album is as good as this one. The problem is that some songs are too long for their own good and that the entire 75 album overstays its welcome. Debatable, but perfectly reasonable.


Oceansize – Effloresce | The Arkive

It should however, keep your interest enough to oceansize effloresce listening. One of the proggiest tracks on the album. Mike Vennart has the pipes of a wannabe Nickelback rock star, and instead of sounding shy and timid like most shoegaze bands follow, he’ll be crooning like a pop star until the oceansuze riffs come in, to which a point where he’ll break down the walls with a sudden shriek of anguish and despair, which brings up another efcloresce point.

Apparently OCEANSIZE don’t consider themselves progressive, but despite themselves they have created an interesting and unique amalgam of sounds and styles from a oceansize effloresce of sources, most of them progressive.

If you are looking oceandize an alternative rock sound with some moody vibes and changes between depressive tunes and heavy explosive rock with not so complex arrangements but well constructed songs, here you have a good album to start Amongst the oceansize effloresce three short tracks, only the opener “I Am The Morning” is featuring some spacey breaks but just for half of it. A middle and chaotic section produces oceansize effloresce many decibels that you need to check out the volume of your music player before efffloresce to listen to it.

On this album, the variation in dynamics is most apparent on oceansize effloresce epic longer songs. Not truly spacey to say the least; it is more on the metal side. Having analysed it, it’s a good time to say that at heart this album contains a selection of excellent, powerful songs. Not a bad debut but not an outstanding one either. I’d recommend this to anyone enamoured of progressive metal and looking for something more sophisticated than the standard prog-metal fare, and to those looking to splash in the shallows of the post-rock ocean.

During the first few weeks it almost seemed as if I had the CD on repeat. These guys are amazing: The constant rush between soft, gentle guitars and the brash, metallic roar of the heavy sections almost makes you question what you’re listening to. Some wild and heavy riffs, turned instantly into soft melody for a little while is how oceansize effloresce is built.


Catalyst and You Wish are the highlights of the album, but there’s plenty material to anyone who is in the route of Oveansize Tree or Dredg, but I insist this band and this album has much more to offer, the production is tip top, very clean and well balanced. More than a year on I still hear sounds and melodies in their music that I had oceansize effloresce noticed before! Oceansie album proves to be a lot more impressive than Frames.

Album Review: Oceansize – Effloresce / Releases / Releases // Drowned In Sound

I am having a hard time understanding why this is space rock. One guitarist is playing a riff on the left speaker, the other one is completing this riff on the right speaker, which gives the impression as if the guitar is circulating from left to right and visa versa and the third guitarist is playing a completely different oceansize effloresce in the centre of both speakers! The first track ‘I Am The Morning’ is a perfect intro to the album setting up a spacey atmospheric feel and as the songs progress they build up to some interesting post rock jams at the beginning of the album but several tracks in it starts to feel like oceansize effloresce of these numbers go on way too long and at over 74 minutes this album feels extremely bloated and could really use some of the filler trimmed out.

The drumming work is also impressive during the heavier parts.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Show 9: RW U R is a bit more poppy and has a great catch single bite of cherry for you.