Cleaner – Boost Mobile Pro Apk 1. The Good Challenging, addictive gameplay. Hula dogs and spears replace most of the former obstacles, with the shuriken and pit of despair returning in their original forms. Pegland Deluxe Apk v. For fun, check out Chicken Ninja Ooga Booga, the sequel to the popular chicken hero game, and Pyramid Rising, which transports the you-build-it game craze back to ancient Egypt. As a free sequel to a free game, Ninja Chicken Ooga Booga is currently far from perfect, but is certainly worth your time.

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Pyramid Rising Free And you thought running the mob was tough!

Loga Makwakwa good app. Discover more Android games here. Help our poor chicken dodge vicious tribal dogs, tangling trees, dangerous spears and special teleporting stones!

Ninja Chicken Ooga Booga

After over five million downloads, MoMinis decided to set the little guy loose for another outing. Fruit Ninja Classic Apk. But look out — his old nemesis a. Flag Ninja Chicken Ooga Booga. Google Plus Twitter Facebook Reddit.


Follow Gamezebo on Twitter. Android is a trademark of Google Inc Page generated in 0. Master for Minecraft- Launcher. We use cookies to offer you a great app store! The concept is the exact same as before. Lemmings Tips, Cheats and Strategies. In this case, I feel I need to make an exception. Your email address will googa be published. Ian Chickfn is beginning to think his phone is smarter than he is.

Advertise with Gamezebo Learn More. Mimi Griffiths Loved it. Check out what this chicken is up to and get into the jungly Ooga Booga mood!!! Who says apps have to be serious? The lack of achievements and the promise to add them is proof MoMinis released an unfinished game. Not a ton has changed from the original, but Ninja Chicken Ooga Booga is another solid outing.

Help our poor chicken dodge vicious tribal dogs, tangling trees, dangerous spears and special teleporting stones!


Tower Fortress Tips, Cheats and Strategies. Enjoy 24 levels of fun and excitement and discover the cool androiv at the end of the levels… just waiting for you! There are no comments yet No comments. User ratings for Ninja Chicken Ooga Booga 3.

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Tillotson on May 14, at The more nagging problem is how formulaic the levels are. The new obstacles add much more flavor, however. Ninja Chicken Multiplayer Race Apk. The most confusing new oga is the minigame found at the end of each stage. Ninja Chicken Ooga Booga vivo-api