This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. BMJ books Wiley-Blackwell; The Paediatric Infectious Disease Journal. Furthermore, neonates are considered immunocompromised hosts due to the immaturity of their innate immune system. Abstract Background Although vancomycin is frequently used to treat neonatal late-onset sepsis, there is no consensus on the optimal dosing regimen. Comparison of continuous clinical characteristics as well as median vancomycin serum trough level between observations of both dosing regimens was determined using the Mann-Whitney U test.

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We anticipate that dosing regimens integrating neofwx reflecting general physiological maturation and renal maturation, as well as disease characteristics, could improve vancomycin exposure in neonates.


Vancomycin therapeutics and monitoring: Neofax 2012 cohorts had comparable clinical nefoax, but differences for serum albumin and creatinine were documented Table IIIA. Conflicts of Interest The authors have indicated that they have no conflicts of interest regarding the content of this neofax 2012. Stratification was done for dosing regimen.

Evidence-based, fully referenced neonatal-specific drug information enables clinicians to make informed treatment decisions. Neonatal and Pediatric Pharmacology. Consequently serum vancomycin target levels for this special population are derived from adults.

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Trough concentrations of vancomycin: Because many neonates needed dosing adaptation due to suboptimal trough values, the vancomycin dosing regimen in our neonatal department was changed during This 20012 app also includes a comprehensive enteral formulas component providing nutritional information for approximately 60 different neonatal and infant formulas, neofax 2012 human milk fortifiers. Objective We aimed to document the need for validation of neonatal vancomycin dosing by exploring serum trough levels achieved using 2 published dosing regimens previous regimen: Updated with v data.


IBM Micromedex NeoFax is a reliable resource for on-the-go access to evidence-based drug information to efficiently and safely manage drug therapy for neonatal patients. Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases Elk. We consider our neofax 2012 analysis as exploratory.

It should be emphasized nelfax the staphylococcal targets coagulase-negative staphylococci for vancomycin use in neonates and their corresponding local MIC values are not comparable with the adult neofax 2012 in which vancomycin is predominantly used to cure methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection.

Methods Routine therapeutic drug monitoring serum trough levels quantified after initiation of intravenous vancomycin therapy and clinical covariates were retrospectively collected.

Prospective validation of neonatal vancomycin dosing regimens is urgently needed

Serum creatinine was normal and amikacin trough level was only slightly elevated 4. However, neonates differ from adults based on their body composition, maturation neofax 2012, specific physiology, and diseases.

Micromedex Care Insights. Published online Jul The transferability of published models to different clinical settings.

Finally, currently used analytical methods for vancomycin quantification contribute to variability in TDM results and limit the transferability of vancomycin pharmacokinetic models—and subsequently model-derived dosing regimens—to other centers. Furthermore, neonates are considered immunocompromised hosts due to the immaturity of their innate immune system.

The Paediatric Infectious Disease Journal. Jeofax therapeutic drug monitoring serum trough levels quantified after initiation nofax intravenous vancomycin therapy and clinical neofax 2012 were retrospectively collected.


Lower age GA and PMAlower weight birth weight and current weightand higher PNA were significantly associated with suboptimal trough levels and these covariates were considered for inclusion in a neofax 2012 regression analysis. Their higher body water content, resulting in a larger distribution volume for hydrophilic drugs eg, vancomycin compared with older neonates, infants, and adults, can in part neofxa to the low TDM values observed. Nederlands Kenniscentrum Farmacotherapie bij kinderen.

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The final covariates entered in the logistic regression analysis were GA, PNA, current weight, and dosing regimen. A Neofax 2012 dosing regimen based on postmenstrual age PMA and serum creatinine, published by Anderson et al. As soon as preliminary results of our study were available, we decided to reintroduce the previous approach based on PMA and serum creatinine until prospectively validated improved dosing appears.

Serum vancomycin assay was performed either with a particle-enhanced neofax 2012 inhibition immunoassay method Siemens Dimension; Dade Behring, Deerfield, Illinois June —October or with an enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique Cobas c; Roche Diagnostics, Basel, Germany November —December This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.