Joined Nov 29, Messages Reactions 0 Points You must log in or register to reply here. Phil Site Owner Award Winner! Smooth Criminal Active Member Dec 12, For now, just load as a Genesis ROM. I’m happy to know that it’s still alive and Snake found some time to give us a little update.

kega fusion 3.6

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The various Aspect modes do what they have always done when this option is enabled, but now when it is disabled, they will allow non-multiple stretching while still keeping the aspect ratio correct. Borisz Guest Dec 10, Forums New posts Trending Search forums. How do you get in contact with Steve?

kega fusion 3.6

The noise screen is gone. Lots of really bad things have happened, often working on Kega felt like the last thing I wanted to be doing.

Kega Fusion 3.6

This is needed because logging RAW video causes poor performance even on highend machines, and using any of the available codecs either doesn’t compress well enough to fix that, or does compress well enough, but can’t keep up with 60fps, so you get poor performance either way. You’ll definitely want to calibrate it fksion games that use it. Hi, Ok, i did look, but im not going to repack the plugins pack until i speak to blargg, the SMD AND SMS use different methods of displaying on screen to the snes, and a filter fysion for snes won’t look right on a Sega emulator.


kega fusion 3.6

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Meh, no biggie though. Good alternative to the other TG emulators. This is taken from the readme. There’s a lot more I plan to do with tusion. Thanks for the update.

Thread starter Borisz Start date Dec 10, It’s already like that. Tested on XP and Vista64, should work fine on 9x and Vista Joined Oct 6, Messages 14, Reactions 0 Points Thread starter Borisz Start date Dec 10, Just the first Justifier is emulated for now.

Members online ruantec ssj4bq. Glad to know that someone is enjoying it. Joined Jul 2, Messages 28 Reactions 0 Points 0. It was causing me problems, doesn’t work well on most newish hardware, and sucked anyway.


Joined Aug 14, Messages 3, Reactions 0 Points If anyone can point me towards Blarggs TV filters If not, edit the. Meh, no biggie though. Note that these AVI files are not really meant to be shared as they are, it’s just a kegs for you to log video without horrible laggy gameplay. Lots of changes and additions over the last two years, most of which I’ve forgotten about again, but here’s the stuff I can remember: Hi, Dude, I am not stupid.