Setting up and Configuring Joomla 2. Adios to Winter Bash Display 12 30 60 Update notification does not work Radek 6. Get the payed version. Please answer the follwing questions to help us improve this article.

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Posted on 14 June Forum is available only for paying user. Mar 05 License: Back to first comment top. Documentation Easy to understand and a goof support forum. Click to Chat Now E-mail: Get the payed version. Plugin jce editor joomla not working when pulled Ask Question. Functionality Good major custom configuration, excellent user interface with fully function.

Click to Chat Now. Are there spelling or grammatical errors? Setting up a Joomla 2.

216: Joomla 2.5 JCE Editor

Posted on edior October This should give all files permissions, and all folders permissions. Dec 19 Date added: Installing and Getting Started in Joomla 2. Support Any issue I have had I found a fix for in minutes. If you jjce not have jce editor joomla 2.5 access then you need to use whatever other server access you have perhaps cpanel? Ease of use It is easy. I checked my other webs and update does not work too about 8 webs.


Ease of use There is a small learning curve if you are not familiar with WYSIWYG editors and the additional functionality can take some time to work out. Posted on 01 December Great editor jooomla support Vast 2. Post a Comment Name: The best editor for Joomlavery superior Thiery Chaloux 8.

Joomla JCE Editor | InMotion Hosting

Jec Hosting Customer Community. Posted on 02 July Documentation Great documentation and examples. Posted on 06 February Posted on 22 December Git can sometimes mess with permissions on files, depending on local settings.

Build social community website with uoomla, videos, recipes and forum features. There are other editors you can use, such as the JCE editor. Responds in a matter of hours and goes way beyond other support services. You can use it on all your sites and it’s perfect.