Thomas tries to stop them. Simone can’t get Hansen on Ronny and friends try new ways to find Leo. Richard gives in to Johann’s pressure and tells him about Simone’s cheat. Isabelle and Thomas come each other very near; Johann shows up. Johann refuses to invest when Tim represents the product image.

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Being pregnant shocks Vanessa; she finally reveals it Holger burner kampfansage. Jenny and Deniz start to present Johann their product concept without knowing about the cheat of Isabelle and Tim. Is there something going on between Christoph and Anne? Isabelle and Thomas are stuck together in the elevator; it doesn’t take long before they have a quarrel.

Michelle inspires Ingo to make the contest more interesting; Jenny reacts irritated. Simone does Richard a confession. Elena CantaruttiGaya Cantarutti. Marie uses Tobias’ idea to force reconciliation between Thomas and Leo but this doesn’t work as she hoped for. Holger burner kampfansage decision who has to leave the Steinkamp board of directors is made. Will Leo go to America? Marie accuses Michelle of blabbing Tim her secret. Thomas tries to stop them. Isabelle tries to sneak away from Thomas but Johann sees through her and hands over the divorce papers.


He gives Vincent a black eye.

Holger Burner

Carmen agrees to be on mayor Richard’s side during hooger meeting. Isabelle loses her unborn baby. Currency malfunction in the ice hall. Diana hides her affair with Ingo but Marie still discovers it. Jenny tries to distract herself from her broken marriage but her parents see her as labile. Richard sees Carmen with Ben; he tries to hide his harmed manliness.

Marian and Lena battle holger burner kampfansage become Ingo’s witness of marriage. Vanessa goes far to help her fiance Christoph. Christoph is desperate; who can help him? Lena sees that Diana rejects Johann’s job offer because of Ingo. Audible Download Audio Books.

Die Rosenheim-Cops — Episode: Marie decides to seduce Hilger but he gives her the mitten. Carmen can’t accept No. Thomas helps Leo during Leo’s claustrophobia attack; they reconcile. Simone promises her to help. Ingo doesn’t care much about the trouble he caused.


Jenny gives Johann the choice: Ronny and friends try new ways to find Leo. Thomas invites Isabelle but reacts bitter when she cancels the dinner for her new job.

Holger Burner – Kampfansage – Vinyl LP – – DE – Original | HHV

Her parents agree to Jenny’s idea but she has to convince Johann who comes with a demand. Diana, Ingo and Thomas bring Marie back in shape but only Leo boosts her motivation for the first round of the championship. Christoph accepts Bkrner invitation to Iceland.