Un-Installing Graphmatica for Windows: Graphmatica will isolate the dependent variable for you, if possible, and even graph many relations that can only be specified as implicit functions. In some cases, though, I have made adjustments to comply with Apple’s Human Interface Guidlines, or otherwise better integrate with the Macintosh user experience. Limited support for graphing relations with multiple instances of both x and y variables. Added support for specifying powers of functions before the parameter e.

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Added control over number of graphmwtica places used in Point tables to options dialog and fixed a problem where numbers in scientific notation were getting formatted with fewer decimal places than requested.

Graphmatica for Windows

If this impacts you, please use Google to search the online help on this website graphmatica 2.2 adding “site: Changed highlight color used for crosshairs and selected domain region to be black rather than white when any high-luminance background color not just pure graphmatica 2.2 is selected. Added support for specifying powers of grpahmatica before the parameter e. XP-style common controls are now loaded on bit versions of Windows. However, good luck finding an application that will let you paste the PDF format.

Fixed redraw of domain end-caps on curves that use the grwphmatica variable ‘a’.

Since Quartz is apparently not able to draw such squashed ellipses, the grid range now resets to the default when switching to polar paper.

This will print equations in the same color as their corresponding graphs when graphmatica 2.2. Developer Website App Support. The columns in the results table of the Point Evaluate dialog box may not resize graphmatica 2.2 when switching between equations with a different number of results columns. Added support for fixed-increment Cartesian and polar graphs with the step rate specified in the domain.


Fixed a number of issues with displaying “holes” in graphs and the Find Critical Points dialog box. Added 2 more free variables, j and k, to make it easier to parameterize complicated equations. As on the Windows version, the raster output resolution is based on the current window size.

Graphmatica 2.2 Heaviside step function: The Find All Graphs feature now includes data graphmatica 2.2 in its search for portions of curves that are not currently visible.

It can interact with the user to generate graphics representing algebraic curves. Fixed-increment Cartesian, polar, and parametric graphs with a third parameter in their domain to specify the interval between graphed points are now drawn as a series of dots rather than line segments.

This should include all machines manufactured since plus any older Intel-based machines that have had OS X upgrades applied.

Version 2.2 Upgrade Information

Added option to shade the inverse of the solution for graphmatica 2.2. Disabled scrolling of point tables windows when grzphmatica graphs; this speeds things up tremendously when using a very small custom increment. Download old versions of Graphmatica. Graphmatica is a powerful, graphmatica 2.2, equation plotter with numerical and calculus features: Fixed bug in version 2. You can choose between six styles of graphing: Fixed a rare memory corruption issue in curve fitting code.


Also, fixed an issue where the default font on some printers was too small to be readable.

Graphmatica for Mac OS X

If you are studying maths at uni or high school, this is a must have. Easy to use controls, including a toolbar, right-click popup menus, the status bar, which displays relevant information and help messages, and the Redraw Queue combobox, which lets you select any equation in memory to graph, delete, or edit to form graphmaticca new equation.

Fixed some cases where the screen did not refresh graphmatixa due to changes to reduce flicker in graphmatica 2.2. This means it will no longer run on obsolete versions of Windows graphmatica 2.2 half-baked Unicode support 95, 98, ME.

Graphmatica will isolate the dependent variable for you, if graphmativa, and even graph many relations that can only be specified as implicit functions. Enhanced Paste Data Plot to accept cells with numbers formatted as currency or percent all symbols are dropped, but the graphmatica 2.2 decimal value is preserved and rows with Unix or Mac instead of DOS line endings.

Improved formatting of derivatives of complicated equations by combining common terms and removing redundant terms in more cases. The Pause Graph button has been removed entirely, as current machines are faster than human reaction time.