He’s your rebound from me. I know that she needs someone to take care of her, and I know you can’t. I was just thinking about you. Admit you missed me. We don’t need a smoking gun. Hopefully Chuck can hold his tongue until after the pie?

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Gossip Girl S06E08 – It’s Really Complicated

I just wanted to say I was impressed with your latest literary offering. But you’re gossip girl s06e08 about Dan. Oh, Charles, I forgot how sweet you are. I’m guessing that means everybody’s in. Bruce Caplan and the Sheikh are both dead. Bruce Caplan was on your father’s yacht. Chuck didn’t even care when I told him that Bruce Caplan gurl drowned.

Gossip girl here– your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Bart and Lily won’t be there.

I know in your twisted but loving way you’re trying to be protective. I’m still in love with you, Serena. Because you were too busy reading up on new ways to betray your best friend? Mind if I join you?


Gossip Girl s06e08 Episode Script

We’re supplying vitamins to all the hospitals there gossipp He’s been terrible. I know that Dan has made his mistakes, but so have I.

The only person we need to convince that Bart is a murderer is Lily. So–so why don’t you two join us for dinner? And tonight, for the first time, they weren’t looking down on me. On second thought, right now is a great time.

Gossip Girl S06E08 Video by Tra─ìara S06E08 – Filmovi sa prevodom

We’ve spoken on the phone ad nauseam. You know that I’m not allowed to give out copies of writer’s gossip girl s06e08. Jenny told me you two were back together last time we skyped. But the–the FBI aren’t gonna take a circumstantial theory. No, Dan and I are great. But I do mind. You should come gossip girl s06e08.

You started this chapter over the summer, skewering S06e80, and then you moved in with her and you decided to write a sniveling Valentine in hopes she would fall madly in love with you.


I don’t want to lose our friendship again either, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t say any more. I did something that Gosspi not too proud of– Wait. Seems like Bass is basking in his misery. Need I remind you what that means? Okay, well, I’ll stop by Blair’s, and then I’ll go to the market and try to upgrade for a bigger bird.

Looks like we’re gonna need to set two more places. The right chapter, thank you very much.

I did what I had to do.