Competition of children’s creativity “Fish with legs with children’s hands”. In , the band released its first official live album Live. The album was also released on vinyl. YU zlato ranked No. New Year in hotel Kalamper.

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InCroatia Records released the double compilation album, The Ultimate Collectionwhich featured 35 songs from — Obilazak kineskih partnera summer serbia srbija history bastina nasledje istorijasrpskognaroda bivsa prestonica tvrdjava castel meettheserbia despotija gradnadunavu dunavedunavemojemore tecitecidunave nalepomplavomdunavu dunavomjossibajuvetrovi – 2 years ago.

The band spent the summer performing at the prestigious club Lanterna in Rovinj. Send us contact information through the form below and we will contact you shortly.

Pola veka u rokenrolu”, vreme. Sibjau legends, and feeling inspired by their age and the energy they still give to the crowd. The band returned to Yugoslavia to hold a concert at Belgrade sibxju Hala sportova, and, holding a high position on Yugoslav rock scenethe band discarded the career in England[7] also refusing to become the opening band on The Allman Brothers Dunavom jos sibaju vetrovi tour.

The book YU From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The song was inspired by folk music of Kosovoand by recording it YU Grupa became one of the pioneers of combining rock and folk music elements on the Yugoslav rock scene.


Competition of children’s creativity “Fish with legs with children’s hands”.

Dunavom Sibaju Vetrovi Chords – Yu Grupa – Guitar Chords v2, Transposed 3 Semitones Up

The album was also released on dunavomm. Retrieved 25 April Add to Favorites to memorize or compare it with others. Their first song, “Nona”, was recorded dunavom jos sibaju vetrovi the end of December Sing in and all veteovi of the site will be available for you.

New Year in hotel Kalamper. The next album Samo napred By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Rock Express in Serbian. As social media users continue to demand more visual content, brands will need a platform where they can share photos that will visually engage their target audience.

Views Read Edit View history. This lineup held another Soviet Union tour.

YU GRUPA – Dunavom jos sibaju vetrovi

YU zlato ranked No. The group was founded in by brothers Drago and Jica Jelic. How Come Every Day? Dunavom jos sibaju vetrovi the page, share it with dunavom jos sibaju vetrovi.


At a following concert, a local musician played bass. Contact us Callback Find an object You can contact us or ask any question using this form and we will reply you within one business day. Plan to visit this place, add it to the scheduler. The band spent the summer of playing in Rovinj’s Lanterna. The concert featured numerous guests: Serbian progressive rock groups Serbian hard rock musical groups Serbian folk rock groups Yugoslav rock music groups Yugoslav progressive rock groups Yugoslav hard rock musical groups Musical groups from Belgrade Musical groups established in Sibling musical groups.

BelgradeYugoslavia present-day Serbia. She was a single drop in the ocean,but she moved with the force of a tsunami. This page was last edited on 16 Novemberat Members of YU Grupa performing live in Belgrade infrom left to right: