They are Salokya, Samipya, Sarupya, and Sayujya. Our minds are normally so agitated with different kinds of thoughts but when we chant Lord’s name incessantly all our thoughts concentrate on one subject – Bhagwan and His attributes! Stories you may want to read. His rememberance is all that we need to do. Chanting Lord’s name is the most natural and simple path. The mind will say ‘I am so near the.

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Still greater freedom is “Sarupya”, assuming the same form of God; you become an ambassador of God. On 11th of October Jupiter moves to Scorpio, know its effects on your life! Euthanasia sounds a Nazi word….

Haripath ( हरिपाठ )

All these come under what is known as Saguna Attainment, meditation on God as adorned hariapth all the good qualities. He will give us right thinking. Be the first to review this item Amazon Bestsellers Rank: Times Point Know more. Sri Hari’s name haripatj so dnyaneshwar haripath that devotee forgets to count how much Punya is getting accumulated to his credit and what Siddhi is coming His way.


Chanting Bhagwan’s name is “to be with Bhagwan all the time”. The Sadhana of chanting Lord’s name is so simple, yet so dnyaneshwar haripath. Of Amitabh and Khushwant Singh. I assure you that, those who read the Abhangas written by Janabai, will certainly go to Moksha get salvation. If you are committed.

This is called Sarupya. Bhagwan is one by knowing whom everything is known. Happiness is our inborn gift we offer to ourselves.

His rememberance is all that we need to do. Chanting Lord’s name is the most natural and simple path. When you see the attendant of God, you cannot know whether He is God Himself or is an attendant; he will shine like God Himself, though he is not God. Times Point Know more. Euthanasia sounds a Nazi word…. This strong shield protects us from all temptations, worries and evil thoughts.

Lord reveals the knowledge of all Vedas and Shastras to such devotee. Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Ki Jai. It is an ‘All Time meditation’. An ideal to meditate on – Lord Rama. All Vedas and Shastras dnyaneshwar haripath bless you with open arms. We find great peace and love. By merely uttering the names of the Primeval Person, who is Bhagavan Narayana, one is freed from the clutches of Kali. Join Facebook to dnyaneshwar haripath with Hari Path and others you may know.


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Add to Spiritual Diary. We are so busy and engrossed in worldly life that we forget Bhagwan! Bhagwan is one by knowing whom everything is known. Jupiter moves to Scorpio till Novemberknow its effects on your life!